Wiki Women #2

Working together to fill the gaps

Period of time
13.10.23 – 28.4.24
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The exhibition series “Wiki Women - Working together to fill the gaps”, which began in summer 2023, will present a new selection of female designers. The impetus came from the exhibition “The F*word – Guerrilla Girls and Feminist Graphic Design”, which opened in February 2023 and criticised the lack of representation in the MK&G's collection. With “Wiki Women”, the museum continues this self-criticism. The exhibition shows graphic design and photographs and focuses on the works and biographies of female designers whose works are preserved in the collection. The results of the research and intensive examination of the MK&G collection are now being published and successively expanded, including works by Grafin Oriola, Palastdame der Kaiserin Auguste, Hedda Walther and Annika Lischke. More visibility will be created and the knowledge gained so far will be expanded together with the public in a second edit-a-thon on 9 December 2023.


Chris Campe, Elsbeth Köster, Alma Lessing, Loni Liebermann, Annika Lischke, Gräfin Oriola, Inge Osswald, Esra Rotthoff, Fee Schlapper, Annik Troxler and Hedda Walther



Edit-a-thon #2

Working together to fill the gaps

In an “Edit-a-thon” held on 9 December 2023 participants will write articles on the women designers or expand on existing information on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons as well as adding visual material. Anyone who is interested is welcome to participate and can register for the event at

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