Be with the Revolution

Street Art and Graphic Design in the Arab Protests since 2011

Period of time
31.3.22 – 31.3.24
Teaser text

The exhibition "Be with the Revolution" at MK&G sheds light on the role played by street art and graphic design in the protests that have taken place in the Arab world since 2011. Central themes are the dissemination of protest images in urban and digital spaces, feminism and sexual violence, the rediscovery of Arabic script as a political language, and the commemoration of the victims of the protests. "Be with the Revolution" was organised in close cooperation with designers who participated in the protests on site or from exile. How does an image become a protest, and a protest an image? How do street artists and graphic designers view their own role in the protests and the impact of their works? The exhibition explores these questions by interweaving images and commentary. The works spotlight various protest arenas ranging from Tunisia, Egypt and Syria since 2011 to Iraq and Lebanon in 2019.

Artists: Ammar Abo Bakr, Bahia Shehab, Ganzeer, Hanadi Chawaf, Mark Nickolas, Marwan Shahin, Mohamed Gaber, Nadia Khiari, Sajad Mustafa Zuabil, Siwar Kraytem, Sulafa Hijazy, Taqi Spateen, Zoo Project