Wiki Women

Working together to fill the gaps

Period of time
27.5.23 – 24.9.23
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The exhibition “The F*word – Guerrilla Girls and Feminist Graphic Design” puts a critical focus on the under-representation of female designers at the MK&G. In response, as a first step we plan to increase the visibility – both within our own walls and beyond – of 35 women whose work is part of the museum collection. After conducting research on their life and creative output, we will add new information and images to the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. On 12 August 2023, the MK&G Freiraum is hosting an edit-a-thon, where contributors are invited to write and expand articles devoted to the selected women designers in a collaborative process. Graphic works not protected by copyright will be made publicly accessible via Wikimedia. In this way we will augment the visibility of these female designers beyond the exhibition and promote further research. Come and participate! Showcasing the diversity in the museum collection, the Wiki Women exhibition enables visitors to enjoy the quality of the originals and learn about the very different personal and professional paths of these women designers. The presentation features graphics, photography and textile design from 1678 to today. Some names are familiar, while others are waiting to be discovered.


Eira Ahola, Hanna Elisabeth Biermann-Ratjen, Hanna Bodnar-Kaczyńska, Daniela Burger, Jacqueline Casey, Marta Czeschka, Clémentine-Hélène Dufau, Lotte Genzsch, Alexe Grahl, Alice Greinwald-Clarus, Grete Gross, Henriette Hahn-Brinckmann, Ruth Hallensleben, Dagmar Hartig, Hildegard Heise, Margret Hildebrandt, Marlice Hinz, Anna Huskowska-Młynarska, Anja Kaiser, Golnar Kat-Rahmani, Hilda Körner, Elena Luksch-Makowsky, Hansi Müller-Schorp, Madame d’Ora, Desi Ruge, Tereza Ruller, Susanne Maria Sandrart, Hildi Schmidt Heins, Lavinia Schulz, Ariane Spanier, Woty Werner, Frieda Wiegand, Petra Wittmar, Ingrid Wullenweber



Working together to fill the gaps

In an “Edit-a-thon” held on 12 August 2023 participants will write articles on the women designers or expand on existing information on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons as well as adding visual material. Anyone who is interested is welcome to participate and can register for the event at

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