The F*word

Guerrilla Girls and Feminist Graphic Design

Period of time
17.2.23 – 17.9.23
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Another exhibition devoted to women? Yes! Progress has been made in many areas, including museums, with regard to female representation. The number of special exhibitions on female designers at the MK&G is increasing, but what does it look like in the "heart of the MK&G" – within the collection itself? This question is approached in three steps: In the central gallery, we present humorous and provocative works by the Guerrilla Girls, a group of female activists that has exposed sexism and racism within the art world since 1985. As a second step, we take a critical and incriminating look at our Graphics and Posters collection. Our findings show that only 1.5 percent of the collected works are attributed to women. Based on this verdict, we enquire into the reasons behind it, while displaying a multitude of bold and inspiring works created by female designers over the past 150 years. In a third step, we develop new perspectives for the future. How do we want the collection to evolve in the years ahead? Rather than giving an overview, this exhibition offers insights. We are right in the middle of this process and look forward to the next steps.

The exhibition is being designed in collaboration with O.F.I.S., Rimini Berlin is developing the exhibition graphics and an "exhibition within the exhibition" on women type designers, and Distaff Studio is devising the art education stations.

Kindly supported by Pro Helvetia and the Rudolf Augstein Foundation.

Media partner: ARTE, Missy Magazine



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In Zukunft möchten wir feministische Arbeiten nicht nur bewahren, sondern auch unterstützen, sprich: Wir möchten die Arbeiten ankaufen. Werden Sie Unterstützer*in! Mit einer jährlichen Spende unterstützen Sie die Gestalter*innen und den Aufbau der Sammlung. Und Sie machen die feministische Sammlung zu einem gemeinsamen Projekt: collecti*f.

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