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In the organisation of an exhibition, the loan between institutions or with private persons is an important part of the project. The MK&G is dependent on these supporting co-operations for its own special exhibitions. At the same time, the MK&G itself lends out several hundred objects from all segments of the collection and material groups every year, thus supporting a wide variety of exhibition projects worldwide. These loans, which must be carefully planned, concern both individual objects and entire collections of objects. During the preparation phase, special emphasis is placed on the appropriate conservation handling during transport and exhibition of an object. The MK&G works in close cooperation with the colleagues of the borrowing institutions and fine art transport companies. The outgoing loans, as well as the passing on of the museum's own travelling exhibitions, enable the museum to make its exciting and diverse collection known to a broad public. The Registrar’s department is the main contact address for all incoming and outgoing loans of the MK&G.

Form and adressing

Loan requests should be submitted at least six months prior to the beginning of  the planned exhibition to the director of the Museum Prof. Tulga Beyerle. For all instructions and details, please refer to the conditions for outgoing loans.


Annika Pohl-Ozawa
T. +49(0)40 428 134-510

Victoria Sánchez
T. +49(0)40 428 134-108

conditions for outgoing loans from the MK&G