Can You Hear It?

Music and Artificial Intelligence

Period of time
26.5.23 – 31.10.23
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Artificial intelligence is increasingly shaping our lives. More and more it is advancing into many areas of society andis changing work and the environment. Its seemingly unlimited possibilities are both fascinating and challenging. But how do algorithms actually work? How are they used and what are their limitations? Al composes and analyses music, it sorts pieces according to their emotional content or genre, it arranges the sounds of instruments according to objective parameters. Prof. Rolf Bader and his team are conducting research on these topics. For the first time ever, they are presenting their results and projects in an exhibition – from streaming services to film music databases or the instrument making industry. Immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of artificial neural networks, discover the musical parameters where music differs, attend the cinema of emotions or make music with a virtual counterpart.

The exhibition is a cooperation of the MK&G with the Institute for Systematic Musicology at the University of Hamburg as well as Musicube, Elbsilber and Ohrfilm, and is kindly supported by the Volkswagen Foundation, the Körber Foundation and the Merck Finck Foundation.