There are various ways to engage with the objects in the collection, to deepen one's own knowledge and to creatively process what has been discovered. We present a selection here.

Art Nouveau Webjournal

Exciting Years. In the Footsteps of the Visionaries

In the web journal "Exciting Years. In the Footsteps of the Visionaries" (only available in German) you accompany the fictional reporter Christian Heller during his encounters with real artists, visionaries, and reformers. In his travel diary he draws a lively picture of the Art Nouveau epoch. Numerous original photos and documents provide insights into studios, workshops and residential buildings of the leading actors. From Hamburg via Paris and Vienna to Glasgow and Ascona get together with Christian Heller! In 2018, the web journal is awarded with the Grimme Online Award.

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Ein Grafik mit gezeichneten Fahrrädern und der Aufschift Bewegte Jahre – Jugendstil im MK&G.
Eine Person hält ein Tablet in der Hand und steht in einem Raum voller Musikinstrumente.


Musical Instruments

The free multi-media catalog app "MK&G Musical Instruments" presents 100 highlights of the world-famous collection of the MK&G. All instruments are shown in high-resolution photos. The instruments are described and the historical development of individual instrument types as well as the cultural-historical context are presented.

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At "MK&G Studio", we present selected projects of the educational work at MK&G and share "Do it yourself!" craft ideas and tutorials with the MK&G Collection Online. It is important for us to offer our visitors inspiring and interesting accesses to our collections and special exhibitions. We want them to participate in creative processes, encourage them to form their own opinions and share them with others. As heterogeneous as our audience is, as varied as possible we want to make the program, in an appealing and understandable language. Numerous projects are being developed in close collaboration with creatives, teachers and various NGOs.

To the MK&G Studio

Eine Hand schneidet eine bunte Vase aus Papier aus auf einem rosa Tisch.
Ein Tablet liegt auf einem Holztisch, in das Tablet sind rosa Kopfhörer eingesteckt. Zudem liegt Popcorn auf dem Tisch.

Dusted! – Exploring Museum Professions


Graduate trainee Sofia Botvinnik looks behind the scenes of the MK&G. As a "museum pro in training", she takes along the audience on her discovery tour of the museum. Discussions with colleagues from different departments provide a personal insight into their work. She looks over the shoulders of a conservator, accompanies a collection administrator into the depot, and discovers the secrets of the loan – a registrar has a complicated job! Each episode is dedicated to one of the basic tasks of a museum (acquiring, conserving, researching, exhibiting and communicating) and creates the big picture of all the different professions within the museum. (The podcast is only available in German)

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at MK&G

In addition to special exhibitions, the MK&G also initiates, realises and presents a variety of projects - out of research interest, to review and further develop museum practice and to enable new access to the collection.

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Ein Treppenhaus mit großen Fenstern, die einen Blick nach draußen ermöglichen.
Eine Hand hält ein Mobiltelefon in der Hand.

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On our digital platforms you can constantly keep up to date. You will receive the latest information on our programme, exciting insights into our work and collection, video tours, interviews and much more.

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