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Anna Resei

Residence Fund for Young Design

Period of time
14.4.23 – 21.5.23
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Our relationship to the environment is changing as sea levels rise. Humans are either adapting themselves and their environment or they are migrating. In the exhibition "water carriers", the designer Anna Resei shows objects that are poetically linked to this topic. Visitors can explore the following questions, among others, in the two rooms of the exhibition: As a society, what will we leave behind? What binds us to the places we inhabit? What would we take with us and what would we leave behind if we were forced out? In her design objects Resei deals with the tension between the human need for a home and the increasing necessity of mobility in the face of climate change. The works exhibited belong to the realm of design fiction: This tendency does not deal with the design of functional products, but instead designs fictional scenarios and is preoccupied with socially relevant topics. Resei has juxtaposed objects from the museum's collection with her own work. There are objects that can be taken along on a journey, for example, such as a prayer nut or a smelling bottle. Other obiects give warnings to future generations: a copperplate engraving depicting a storm tide and hunger stones that become visible on the banks of the Elbe River in particularly hot summers. Last but not least, shards from ancient civilizations deal with the question of what will be visible of our civilization in the future.

The ceramic elements were created by the artist Clara Umbach especially for the exhibited objects.

Anna Resei (* 1989) is the fifth resident in the "Fund for Young Design" program at MK&G, initiated by the Stiftung Hamburger Kunstsammlungen (SHK).