Poster, Prints and Paperwork

A Glossary of Collecting

Period of time
5.11.21 – 3.4.22
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How does a museum collection actually come into being? Who decides what is collected? How are the works stored and presented? And what should we acquire in the future? With this exhibition, the MK&G takes a curious and critical look at the history, present and future of the Graphics and Poster Collection. We give insights into our day-to-day activities, share our thoughts, enthusiasms, ideas and doubts – and offer you, our visitors, a playful and rummaging view behind the scenes.  The exhibition is organised like a glossary. On yellow shelves you will find explanatory texts for terms related to collecting, such as "Archive", "Budget", "Commons", "Digitalisation", "Facsimile", "Motivations", "Provenance", "Restoration", "Status". As such terms are often interrelated, we have used yellow highlighting to direct you to the relevant cross-references (with the English text located under the corresponding German term). In other places you will be invited to participate – these are also accentuated with yellow highlighting.  The glossary makes no claim to being comprehensive. Rather, we want to include you in our discussions – and also in our discoveries. We have transported the collection’s rich diversity into the exhibition space – and hope that this creative abundance will delight and inspire you.