The Art of Living Well

Period of time
3.10.21 – 13.3.22
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The draughtsman, illustrator and author turned ninety in March 2021. We think that is a good reason to celebrate his life. Having created over 300 books, which have been translated into 40 languages and sold well over 12 million copies, Horst Eckert, which is Janosch’s real name, has truly made history. Characters like Little Bear, Little Tiger and Uncle Poppoff inspire young and old with their fantastic adventures. "The Trip to Panama" (1978) is one of the bestselling children’s books. However, the world in which Janosch’s figures live is not just beautiful, which is precisely why the characters develop various, often very wise strategies to deal with it. That could also be described as "the art of living well". The exhibition invities with unusual furniture and spaces to a humorous dialogue with Janosch’s work. Visitors can lie on the floor and take a close-up look at drawings through a telescope or put Wondrak’s advice into practice on the spot in his office. In the swimming pool they can listen to Janosch texts read by celebrities from the world of entertainment and culture or they can share their thoughts with friends on the art of living well in the postcard forest. Whether lying down, climbing, doing headstands or watching films, there are many different ways for young and old alike to immerse themselves in Janosch’s world