Water Pressure

Designing for the Future

Period of time
15.3.24 – 13.10.24
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Since the dawn of history, water has been one of the most important human preoccupations. How we care for this vital resource is one of the factors that will define our future and that of our planet. Today, we are facing a multifaceted water crisis that is largely due to our mismanagement. Water scarcity affects 40 per cent of the world’s people, and more than 90 per cent of disasters are water-related. In 2022, Europe suffered its worst drought in 500 years.

The group exhibition “Water Pressure: Designing for the Future” at MK&G looks at the water crisis from a global perspective, displaying design ideas that illuminate the potential for radically changing our future. Innovative works from the fields of design, architecture, art and science – in many cases using nature-based systems to open up new routes to overcoming the current situation. Five chapters will present inspiring solutions to issues such as water scarcity, pollution and disrupted hydrological cycles. The exhibition also looks at the city of Hamburg and the present and future water challenges it faces – from flooding to scarcity.

Among the featured projects on display will be City of 1000 Tanks by a team led by OOZE architects (India); Isla Urbana (Mexico); Eden in Iraq (Iraq); Engehaven Climate Park, Tredje Natur (Denmark); Cloudfisher, WaterFoundation (Morocco, South Africa); and Colorifix (UK). As a special highlight, the Dutch firm OOZE architects and the Austrian design duo Mischer’traxler are creating new works especially for the MK&G. The group show will be accompanied by an extensive supporting programme for the public.

An exhibition by MK&G in cooperation with Jane Withers Studio, London.

“Water Pressure: Designing for the Future” is supported with funds from the German Federal Foundation for the Environment and is supported by the Umweltstiftung Michael Otto, by the Hapag-Lloyd Foundation, and by the Martha Pulvermacher Foundation.