Who owns the images? Linda Fregni Nagler in conversation with Sophie Junge (LMU München) and Erna Lilje (RCMC Leiden, NL)

Period of time
18.11.23, 4.00 pm – 5.00 pm
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Museum admission, no registration required
Location: In the exhibition on the 2nd floor

Since the 2000s, with the digital transformation, artists have increasingly appropriated analogue images. But how does the discussion about personal rights and the restitution of images from colonial contexts also change artistic work with images? Who is allowed to do what with the found images?

A conversation with:
Linda Fregni Nagler, artist of the exhibition "Linda Fregni Nagler. Reconsidering Photography: The Staging of the Gaze"
Sophie Junge, photo historian at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, who studies photography from colonial contexts
Erna Lilje, curator of Indigenous Knowledge & Material Culture at the Research Center for Material Cultures, Leiden, who reflects on the role and "use" of contemporary artists in ethnological museums

A conversation in English.