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Sweaty Dwellings von Ousa und Possy

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27.5.23, 1.00 pm – 5.00 pm
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Blaue Schrift auf weißem Hintergrund: Sweaty Dwellings.
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Free of charge in the MK&G Freiraum.

For the last couple of months we have been working on an experimental publication of intersectional feminist tools of resistance and regeneration. Sweaty Dwellings is the result of a collaboration between Ousa, Possy and some very special accomplices from all around the world.

Sweat means bodily material of relation; dwelling means to occupy a place, to build a space for one’s own body. With and through our bodies we tell stories; we inhabit, build, and relate to worlds. In this sense we understand Sweaty Dwellings as a pleasurable mess — the shared bodily urgency to make things public — claim a space. This urgency is accompanied by the desire to give these stories a place to dwell in cohabitation — a publication. But we do not want to erect monuments for eternity, instead we use our sticky hands to construct temporary practices in the present.

As we build and dwell, we try to dismantle exclusionary narratives that are only constructed for some. Such narratives in which Othered bodies are left placeless.

We explore questions of feminist knowledge production through storytelling, interrogate possibilities as well as difficulties of finding a feminist 'we' while searching for publishing practices within intersectional feminism. Here, we make new connections, learn from each other, care, listen, and weave a publication connecting our bodies – a sweaty dwelling.

Now we invite you not only to come and celebrate with us what we have built so far, but also to come with building blocks of your own and take the work even further.

Live-Stream: https://www.halloradio.net/
Online: https://sweatydwellings.hotglue.me/