Guided tours and presentations

The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, with something like 500,000 works of art spanning four millennia and every cultural sphere in the world, has a huge amount of exciting subjects and a lot worth knowing on offer about the human race and how they choose to lead their everyday lives and to shape the world they live in. We have a range of different tours on special themes.

Public Guided Tours

Several times a week, the MKG offers public guided tours to different collections and the special exhibitions. Guided tours are included in the ticket price. All current topics and dates can be found in the calendar.

Booking Private Tours

The MKG offers private tours of its individual collections, as well as full tours of the museum as a whole in several languages. For further information and to book tours please contact

Self-Organised Tours

You are of course welcome to give your own group a guided tour, but in this case we must charge a licence fee of 20 euros. Groups may not exceed 28 people. Group admission (10 people or more) costs 8 euros per person (free  under 18 years and for student-groups). Self-organized school classes and student-groups pay a 10 euros license fee. Advance registration is required via Museumservice Hamburg.

On historical instruments

Experienced musicians present instruments from different historical periods and play works by celebrated composers. This enables visitors to understand the development of instrument-making in the context of the music which was played at various periods and the social environment it happened in, and it becomes accessible to the senses in the musical examples. Costs: included in the entrance fee. You can find all current dates in our calendar.