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Allgemeine Moden-Zeitung: Eine Zeitschrift für die gebildete Welt

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Ed.: Johann Adam Bergk (1769-1834) Year 26, 1824Leipzigfigs. from the supplement "Tagesbericht für die Modenwelt"; fashion plate No. 30 and double copper print No. 35 (embroidery pattern) 25 x 21 cm (bound year H 8 cm)

With the French Revolution (1789-1799) many class related rules, including the dress code, became obsolete. Fashion magazines were therefore highly coveted in bourgeois circles from the late 18th century, especially if they contained “fashion prints”, fine copper plate prints, which were often hand coloured. They presented the public with what was en vogue and frequently set trends. The "Allgemeine Moden-Zeitung" from Leipzig was initially edited by a private scholar, who otherwise wrote popular philosophy texts. Johann Adam Bergk, like Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus (1772-1823) or Siegfried August Mahlmann (1771-1826), belonged to Leipzig’s reform-liberal elite, who set the tone for the most popular newspapers of their time.