Apps on the Musical Instrument Collection

Several apps with video- and audioclips on the MKG's collection of historical musical instruments are available for free. In collaboration with Prof. Frank Böhme, students of the Hamburg University of Music and Theater, and Acousticguide Berlin. The apps are unfortunately only available in German.

App: "MKG Musikinstrumente"

The free multi-media catalog app "MKG Musical Instruments" presents 100 highlights of the world-famous collection of the Museum of Arts and Crafts. All instruments are shown in high-resolution photos. The instruments are described and the historical development of individual instrument types as well as the cultural-historical context are presented.

In over 50 film clips, which were produced with students and graduates of the University of Music and Theater Hamburg, a large part of the instruments can also be experienced musically. Many of the collection pieces are documented here for the first time in music films, including historically unique objects such as the keyboard instruments of the collection Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Beurmann, a seven-string gamba and a Hamburg Cithrinchen by Joachim Tielke and the famous dual-manual harpsichord by Christian Zell.

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App "Smart Instruments"

Use and sound of some extraordinary historical instruments, one of which is the 1899 developed "Stroh Violin" by engineer Johann Matthias Augustus Stroh – a string instrument with a sound-amplifying metal funnel.
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App "C.P.E. BACH"

The soundscape at the time of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714–1788), including examples from string and plucking instruments from Joachim Tielke as well as Hamburg's Clavichorde and Cembali from the workshops of Hass and Zell.
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Image.: MKG Musical Instruments Application, © MKG 2017