6 November 2020 until 9 May 2021
School of No Consequences
Exercises for a New Life

A project by Friedrich von Borries

What would a life look like that is as inconsequential as possible? Could inconsequentiality become a new regulatory ideal, like freedom or justice – unattainable yet still worth striving for? What would be the implications of such striving for the way we live our daily lives, for the economic and social order, for our faith and for the way we treat each other? And what role models can we find today and in history? These are the questions posed by the School of No Consequences at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MK&G), a discursive artistic project initiated by Friedrich von Borries. In a self-learning space, visitors can submit decisions, wash their hands of blame, or practise just doing nothing – and face the consequences. A display collection of selected objects from storage, along with interventions in the current MK&G presentations will open up perspectives on historical precursors of a life without consequences. The project is augmented by a digital supporting programme and discourses in the form of an app as well as the “Fellowship for Doing Nothing”.

The School of No Consequences is an initiative of the HFBK Hamburg in cooperation with MK&G.


Image: Filmstill, © Jakob Brossmann