24 until 28 November 2021
MK&G Fair
Arts & Crafts

For the first time in its long history, a guest curator has been invited to take charge of the MK&G Arts & Crafts Fair in 2021. Pascal Johanssen, head of the Direktorenhaus Berlin, has many years of experience in conceiving and organising trade fairs for design and crafts. He plans to give the MK&G fair an international orientation while simultaneously showcasing the Northern European region around Hamburg. For over 130 years, the MK&G fair has continually set new standards with its presentation of high-quality contemporary arts and crafts. Pascal Johanssen will now bring a breath of fresh air and open up the show to innovative design and sustainable production: “We want to bring the most exciting national and international protagonists and young professionals to Hamburg and present the latest trends in arts and crafts and design.” The classic arts and crafts repertoire will be supplemented by current directions such as Collectible Design, New Craftsmen, socially responsible projects and collaboration with manufactories.

The MK&G Arts & Crafts Fair has been held every year since 1887 by the Justus Brinckmann Gesellschaft, the friends’ society of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MK&G).

Image: Pascal Johanssen, © Philipp Haas (Detail)