3 October 2021 until 20 March 2022

Janosch celebrates his 90th birthday on 11 March 2021. To mark the occasion, the Museum für Kunst und Gewebe Hamburg (MK&G) is devoting a large-scale exhibition to the internationally renowned illustrator, author and bon vivant. The focus will be not only on his art but also his lust for life, as demonstrated by his biography. Janosch’s embracing of life and dedication to living it to the fullest is reflected in many facets of his work and in his figures. He doesn’t show us a perfect world. Instead, his world is at once tough and tender, full of beauty, hope and friendship but also replete with cruelty, lies and the risk of being devoured. The little bear, the little tiger, the mouse sheriff, Uncle Popoff, Wondrak and Luise ... Janosch’s protagonists are always on a quest for their own personal Panama: whether intentionally or inadvertently, they leave reality and truth behind them, experiencing familiar situations in a new and unusual guise, learning and teaching others to see what is normal as something special and what is special as something completely normal. Janosch’s stories have something to say to young and old; they convey messages without forcing them on us. The exhibition picks up this thread to bring together multiple perspectives for both young and old, addressing the same themes in parallel in a single room but on several different literal and figurative levels.

Image: Janosch (*1931), The Bear and the Tiger, © Janosch Film und Medien AG, Berlin