14 June to 24 November 2019
Wolfgang Schulz and the Photography Scene around 1980
Reconsidering Photography

As part of its exhibition series Reconsidering Photography, the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG) is undertaking a survey of the German photography scene around the year 1980. One springboard for the examination is the journal Fotografie. Zeitschrift internationaler Fotokunst, published by the photographer Wolfgang Schulz (b. 1944) between 1977 and 1985. On the occasion of the exhibition, MKG will invite photography experts Reinhard Matz (Cologne), Steffen Siegel (Folkwang University Essen), and Bernd Stiegler (University of Konstanz) to relate their research project on the 1980s to the historical photographs in the MKG collection. The aim of the collaboration is to create a historical archeology of German photography around 1980 based on the example of the journal Fotografie and its protagonists. On view will be some 150 photos by Wolfgang Schulz, Hans Christian Adam, Dörte Eißfeldt, Verena von Gagern, André Gelpke, Dagmar Hartig, Andreas Horlitz, Reinhard Matz, Angela Neuke, Heinrich Riebesehl, Wilhelm Schürmann, Holger Stumpf, Petra Wittmar und Miron Zownir, together with the journal itself, accompanied by a series of interviews conducted with contemporary witnesses expressly for the exhibition.

Photo: Wolfgang Schulz, Michael, 1980, © Wolfgang Schulz