An Exhibition and Survey

Period of time
11.6.21 – 9.1.22
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Heimat defies easy translations. It is a complex term and loosely describes a notion of home, homeland and belonging. But is there really such a thing as Heimat? And if so, what is your Heimat? Where is it located? Who gets to be part of your Hei-mat? And who doesn’t? How much Heimat do you need? And why do people react so emotionally when it comes to the subject of Heimat? It is perfectly clear that we will not be able to find the one single definition of Heimat that is valid for everyone and every moment. That’s why the title of the show is plural: Heimaten.An Exhibition and Survey. Instead of answers, we have questions, arranged according to seven central themes. Each item on display provides food for thought and can set off a discussion. Dissenting opinions are expressly encouraged. We understand Heimat not (only) as a place but as a multifaceted fabric of relation-ships that each and every one of us has to negotiate anew every day. That’s why we would like to invite you to answer our questions by connecting via your smart-phone to our FAQ – Frequently Answered Questions survey. Your answers will be projected directly onto the walls so they can become part of Heimaten. Heimat is something that is always in the making. One aim of the exhibition is to map this constant process of change – with the help of exhibits, personal stories, and also what is not there (yet) and will perhaps only take shape in your head. In this way, Heimaten would like to make space for all the contradictions and com-plexity of this topic – in the museum as well as in our thoughts and lives. Let us create this space together, starting afresh every day. Making a Heimat takes all of us – the more voices, the better.

The exhibition has been made possible by funds from the Exhibition Fund of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the Körber Foundation and the Hubertus Wald Foundation.


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