Period of time
28.2.25 – 12.10.25
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Glitter sparkles and shimmers, fascinates and outrages. It can be found on stages as well as on protest posters and in children’s rooms. Glitter is omnipresent – and yet the MK&G is the first museum in the world to dedicate an exhibition to this material. The show will focus on glitter in current political contexts and collective movements, both as a material and a metaphor for visibility, belonging and self-determination. Around 40 international examples from the worlds of art and design will be brought together – works that make use of glitter as a means of protest or as an element of performance or pop culture, as a symbol for drawing attention to marginalised groups or of resistance against body norms. Visitors will be invited to actively participate – whether by adding important glitter events to a sparkling timeline that traces the invention, use and prohibition of the material, or by crafting their own glittery creations in the D.I.Y. space. Also, an open “Call for Glitter” has been launched, collecting favourite glitter objects. Together, they will become a glittering cosmos and the central piece of the exhibition.

Supported by Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation).



Open Call

Call for Glitter

Glitter can be fascinating, inspiring, shocking or scandalous – what does it mean to you? In the world's first major glitter exhibition, we want to show the many meanings and uses of glitter. To do so, we need your support: We are looking for glittery things! Please, send us a snapshot of your favorite glitter object and if you like a voice or text message explaining why it is important to you. It can be anything: a scrap picture or nail polish, jewelry or a souvenir, tiny or large.

We will be collecting photos and stories until 30 June 2024. If your object is selected, it would be great if you could lend us your favourite item for the duration of the exhibition. You will also receive an expense allowance for this. The exhibition will be on display at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg from 28 February to 12 October 2025.

You can send us a Telegram or Whatsapp message to +4917627769698, or email us: We look forward to your contribution!