Drawer Discoveries #3: Water
Period of time
23.5.24 – 3.11.24
Teaser text

The drawers of our storage depots are filled with fascinating works. Only a fraction of the more than 400,000 items in the Graphics and Poster Collection can be exhibited, and the same holds for the  East Asia Collection. That gave rise to the idea of the “Drawer Discovieries”: in rapid succession, we are presenting a selection of various objects related to a specific theme. This time, the unifying element is water.

There are many different visual representations of water. Sometimes it is depicted as a planar surface, sometimes as a line, sometimes as a blank space. It can be inviting, but also unsettling  or dangerous. Water appears in a variety of contexts: as a place  of longing in tourist advertising, a political statement on posters  or a metaphor in caricatures, as the sea in woodcuts or undulating waves in katagami stencils.

We have playfully arranged a selection of works and that you share our fascination. Some were chosen simply for their beauty. Others captivate us with their creativity, craftsmanship or the interplay of text and image. Still others have touched or stirred us with their message.

Discover other inspiring works in the collection with the AI-supported “Explorer” in the exhibition.