The Making of 16 Designs

Period of time
3.6.22 – 26.2.23
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How is a poster created? A website? A magazine? This exhibition offers insights into design processes and working methods. Visitors are invited to both look and listen: contemporary works and projects are accompanied by audio clips, in which the designers talk about creativity, what motivates their work, and how they view themselves. They explain the individual steps involved in making a design, the choice of materials, and various printing processes. They also discuss the influence of clients on their ideas and project implementation, as well as the role of their personal convictions and aesthetic preferences. On display are activist-inspired posters, infographics and animated videos intended to provoke enlightened thought, a feminist maga­zine, works with eye-catching images and profound concepts, experimental and digital projects, textile and sculptural pieces. Some have been designed by collectives, others by individuals, some on commission and others self-initiated. In this way, the exhibition reveals the diversity and breadth of visual communication and documents current trends, issues and challenges within a rapidly changing discipline.

The exhibition was created in cooperation with Macromedia University under the direction of Andreas Hebbel-Seeger. We express our sincere thanks to the participating students for recording and editing the interviews, and also to the designers for their open and creative contributions to this collaborative project.