30 November until 9 December 2018
MKG Fair
Arts and Crafts

For over 140 years, the MKG Messe Kunst und Handwerk (Arts and Crafts Fair) has offered contemporary craft artists and designers a space in which they can present their work to a broader public. The arts and crafts fair started by the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG) and its circle of friends, the Justus Brinckmann Gesellschaft, is a central forum for the meeting of cultural knowledge of craft techniques, the properties of various materials and sustainable processing methods. Besides the conservation of the rich traditional cultural craft heritage, the fair also reflects ongoing trends in artistic craftwork and design and devotes attention to the topical debate on values, focusing on themes such as ecology and the new taste for luxury, the unique object and mass production, conditions of production and work. This year 51 participants presented their works and products. The spectrum of work on show encompassed the fields of jewellery, textiles, furniture, ceramics, glass, wood, and tableware, produced by hand as unique pieces or in small editions. From this circle, the jury decided on the prizewinner to whom the Justus Brinckmann Prize, endowed with 7,500 euros, has been awarded. On top of this, the selection committee followed the development of international trends and nominated promising young talents. This year, six candidates had been nominated, all of whom deal primarily with fusions between artistic craftwork and design: Marlene Huissoud (furniture design), Flora Miranda (fashion design), Hilke Scholz (textile design), Keiyona C. Stumpf (ceramics), Anger Schmiede / Markus Pollinger (metalwork) und Studio Vandasye / Georg Schnitzer, Peter Umgeher (object design). The prizewinner in this category received the Justus Brinckmann Incentive Award, worth 2,500 euros. More information at

Prizewinners 2018: Anne Andersson received the Justus Brinckmann Prize 2018, the Justus Brinckmann Incentive Award went to Flora Miranda.

Exhibitors: Anne Andersson | Karin Bablok | Dörte Behn | Michael Berger | Birgit Borstelmann | Chanyeon Cho | Claudia Christl | Maike Dahl | Peter de Vries | Antje Dienstbir | Hendrike Farenholtz | Corinna Petra Friedrich | Kenji Fuchiwaki | Ragna Gutschow | Barbara Hast | Nicola und Julia Hübotter | Svea Imholze | Ulrike Isensee | Margit Jäschke | Kiho Kang | Si-Sook Kang und Kap-Sun Hwang | Young I Kim und Bernhard Simon | Ulla und Martin Kaufmann | Kira Kotliar | Sophie Kloess und Jan Hebach | Annette Lechler | Christa Lühtje | Joachim Manz | Sonngard Marcks | Christine Matthias | Andreas und Natalia Möller | Julika Müller | Hiroyuki Murase | Jorinde Nisse | Manfred Schmid | Lucia Schwalenberg | Wolfgang Skoluda | Hubert Steffe | Katja Stelz | Susan Sting | Antje Stutz | Lilli Veers | Gabi Veit | Gabriele von Lehsten | Babette von Dohnanyi | Jan Wege | Bernhard Westermann | Claudia Westhaus | Christiane Wilhelm | Alena Willroth | Svato Zapletal​​​​​​​ | More information about all exhibitors at:

ill.: Kiho Kang, without title, porcelaine, 2018, photo: Kiho Kang