27 October 2017 until 4 February 2018
Jochen Lempert / Peter Piller
Reconsidering Photography: Birds

In the new exhibition series Reconsidering Photography, the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG) invites contemporary photographers to relate their own work to examples from the Photography and New Media Collection. Kicking off the series were Jochen Lempert (b. 1958) and Peter Piller (b. 1968), two photographers whose methods could hardly be more different. Lempert's motifs from everyday nature and culture met up with images of unintentional origin contributed by Piller. In Reconsidering Photography: Birds, Lempert and Piller collaborated as artists and curators. Drawing on the photographic collection of MKG as a resource, they have compiled from the historical material a selection of bird pictures that they combined with their own photographs. On view from 27 October 2017, the exhibition featured around 100 exhibits. Birds are a recurring motif in Jochen Lempert's work, and for the show at MKG he had arranged his motion studies and observations of birds in a new room installation. Peter Piller has worked to date primarily with found images, which he subjects to shifts in meaning. In his new series behind time (2017), which debuted at MKG, he himself took camera in hand to deliberately capture moments when a bird cannot be optimally seen and which would be considered a failure in wildlife photography. With generous support from the Justus Brinckmann Gesellschaft.

Ill.: Franz Schensky (1871-1957), two sea gulls, ca. 1934, carbon print, 27,2 x 38,7 cm © Förderverein Museum Helgoland e.V.