17 March until 2 July 2017
Making a magazine
The Zeitmagazin

What constitutes a magazine that accompanies a national newspaper? What are its characteristics, how do its topics arise, and why do photographs play a very different role than they do in newspaper format? The exhibition shown at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG) beginning in March 2017 is concerned with questions such as these. How does such a magazine come to be, what are its constitutive elements, what varies from issue to issue, what is always changing? And how does it differ from magazines that are sold individually at newsstands? In short, the focus is on the concept and specific characteristics that make up a magazine, seen through the example of Zeitmagazin, a supplement of the German national weekly newspaper Die Zeit. The exhibition looks primarily at the use of images and illustrations. The magazine’s special features, from individual sections to prominent photo series, are laid out like a cross section and can be compared with each other. Over 200 individual pieces are on display, some printed in enlarged form.

Ill.: Zeitmagazin covers from 2016, photo: Louisa Schröder, MKG