28 April until 25 August 2019
PGH Glühende Zukunft
Berlin Posters from the Time When the Wall Came Down

In the GDR, the abbreviation PGH stood for "Produktionsgenossenschaft des Handwerks" (Production Cooperative of Craftsmen) and meant a cooperative association of craftsmen. Shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989, four East Berlin artists founded their own PGH. Anke Feuchtenberger, Henning Wagenbreth, Holger Fickelscherer and Detlef Beck published numerous posters and graphics with the triangular logo of the "Glowing Future". With the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, a new large city with two very different halves emerged overnight. And the differences continued into the posters. While in the west photo design and cleanly set writings predominated, in the east of the city it was the lively handwriting and the cheeky drawing. Anke Feuchtenberger and Henning Wagenbreth were also able to gain a foothold in the West after the fall of communism and continued to create posters, especially for theatres. One generation older is Volker Pfüller. He has been working for the theatres of the GDR since the 1970s and developed into a great role model.

Ill.: Anke Feuchtenberger (*1963), poster „Benzin Musical“ (detail), 1994, silk screen, 59,6 x 84,3 cm, MKG, © Anke Feuchtenberger