22 November until 1 December 2019
MKG Fair
Arts and Crafts

This year’s MKG Messe Kunst und Handwerk (Arts and Crafts Fair), hosted by the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG) and its friends’ society, the Justus Brinckmann Gesellschaft, took place from 22 November until 1 December 2019. The fair for contemporary arts and crafts and current design has been a regular event since 1887. Exhibitors present works and products from the fields of textiles, metal, paper, ceramics, jewellery, woodworking, and furniture, designed as unique pieces or small series. The fair seeks to showcase the latest trends in artisanal practice while promoting up-and-coming talents.

In 2019, the jury of esteemed experts had been able to select from a large field of national and international candidates, narrowing down the list to 42 artists, designers, and artisans, some of them seasoned exhibitors and others represented at MKG for the first time. All participants were nominated for the Justus Brinckmann Prize, endowed with 7,500 euros. In addition, promising young talents also had the opportunity to qualify for the Justus Brinckmann Incentive Award, with a grant of 2,500 euros. The seven nominees in 2019 were: Benno Brucksch, Areen Hassan, Anna Husemann, Marie Filippa Janssen, Milena Kling, Maria van Vügt and Laura Wolfram.

Awardees 2019: The winner of the Justus Brinckmann Prize is Felicia Mülbaier, the Justus Brinckmann Incentive Award goes to Areen Hassan.

Three expert discussions
have been devoted to the increasingly blurred boundaries between art, crafts, and design. In the “Design Talks,” MKG Director Tulga Beyerle spoke with Marie Filippa Janssen, Hendrike Farenholtz, and Philipp Weber, comparing and contrasting their individual disciplines. The three participants come from different creative and artisanal fields, but they all share a love of handmade products.

Exhibitors 2019:
Anne Andersson | Christine Atmer de Reig | Karin Bablok | Brigitte Bezold | Maike Dahl | Antje Dienstbir | Babette von Dohnanyi | Hendrike Farenholtz | Corinna Petra Friedrich | Kenji Fuchiwaki | Karin Funke-Atmer | Pia Groh | Ragna Gutschow | Sophie Hebach-Kloess and Jan Hebach | Samira Heidari Nami | Svea Imholze | Ulrike Isensee | Margit Jäschke | Kiho Kang | Ulla and Martin Kaufmann | Astrid Keller | Bokyung Kim and Minsoo Lee | Jil Köhn | Guntis Lauders | Annette Lechler | Christa Lühtje | Christine Matthias | Andreas Möller and Natalia Möller-Pongis | Felicia Mülbaier | Hiroyuki Murase | Jorinde Nisse | Sonia Pibernat Belmonte | Wolfgang Skoluda | Hubert Steffe | Susan Sting | Antje Stutz | Gabi Veit | Peter de Vries | Jan Wege | Claudia Westhaus | Christiane Wilhelm | Svato Zapletal | More information on

The MKG fair was made possible by the generous support of the Justus Brinckmann Gesellschaft.

Maike Dahl, Spoons, 2019, anodised aluminium, beech, photo: Maike Dahl