7 June until 3 November 2019
All You Knead
Metamorphosis of a Material

Modelling clay – this simple material made from water, oil, starch, wax, and pigments has the power to unleash astounding creative potential. Soft and easy to shape, modelling clay (also called plasticine) is not only ideal for children’s hands but also plays an important role in many areas of design. The exhibition All You Knead. Metamorphosis of a Material is dedicated to the fascinating uses of this material in film, art, and design, from the 1950s to contemporary pop culture. The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG) is presenting over 60 international works, including animated film classics, popular favourites like “Shaun the Sheep” and “Nightmare Before Christmas,” based on an idea by cult director Tim Burton; legendary music videos such as Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”; experimental, short, and advertising films, and also computer games. Surprising sculptures, installations, and photographs demonstrate the value of modelling clay for contemporary art. The versatile use of this malleable material in applied art as well is documented by exhibits from the fields of model-making, product design, and special effects make-up. The show will delight film fans, art lovers and design buffs, families, and anyone interested in exploring, or rediscovering, the multifaceted world of modelling clay. For those wishing to get some hands-on experience, an imposing 12-meter-long worktable offers plasticine in various colours for visitors both young and old to design lively creations together.

All You Knead. Metamorphosis of a Material is an exhibition designed by the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur/Switzerland, curated by Susanna Kumschick. It was shown there in 2016 under the title “Plot in Plastilin.”

The exhibition is made possible by the S. Eustachius Foundation and Ernst Göhner Foundation. Kindly supported by becks Plastilin.

Ill.: Key Visual All You Knead,
Design: Public, Hamburg, © MKG