1 December 2015 until 28 March 2016

From Mary to Salome

The Photography Department in Context

Madonna, mother, fairy, luminous figure with halo, princess with jewel-studded coronet – these are a few of the roles turn-of-the-century photographers assigned to women of their time. Under the heading “portrait”, the international art photography movement assembled images completely different from those made by studio photographers for their paying customers. The art photographers aspired neither to produce real studies nor to show contemporary women in the changing world of industrialization. Instead, in their works they envisioned spherical figures whom they staged as other-worldly beings. Concurrently with the exhibition “Art Nouveau: The Great Utopian Vision”, the show features some thirty works by well-known photographers of Germany and beyond, dating from the period around 1900: James Craig Annan, Emma Boaz Barton and Julia Margaret Cameron (Great Britain), Adolphe de Meyer, Robert Demachy and Pierre Dubreuil (France), Minya Diez-Dührkoop, Rudolph Dührkoop and Hugo Erfurth (Germany), Atelier d'Ora (Austria) and Annie W. Brigman, Felix Benedict Herzog, Gertrude Käsebier and Clarence Hudson White (USA).

Ill: James Craig Annan, The Church and the World, around 1900, Heliogravure, © Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg