27 November until 6 December 2015
MKG Arts and Crafts Fair 2015

For more than 130 years, the MKG Arts and Crafts Fair has been providing contemporary artisans a means of presenting their works to a broad public. Initiated by the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG) and its society of friends, the Justus Brinckmann Gesellschaft, the fair awards prizes to members of the younger generation of craftspeople who unite design and craftsmanship in high-quality objects. The MKG fair covers the spectrum from the preservation of traditional culture techniques to the critical analysis of current developments in artisan craftwork, and encompasses the areas of jewellery, textiles, furniture, pottery, glass, wood and tableware as represented by superb works made by hand as unique specimens or in small series. Thematically, it addresses the current discussion of values revolving around ecology versus new luxury and unique specimen versus mass product, but also production and working conditions. Located between the poles of tradition and innovation, it represents a leading forum for the critical examination of the cultural knowledge of crafts techniques, material properties and sustainable processing. At the end of several selection rounds carried out by the expert jury of 10, 66 participants, including 14 new exhibiters, have been chosen from the total of 128 applicants from many countries. From among the participants, the jury will also select the recipient of the Justus Brinckmann Award, which has a purse of 7,500 euros. A further activity of the fair’s jury is to determine current international tendencies and nominate promising young candidates. The recipient in this category will be awarded the sponsorship prize with its purse of 2,500 euros. This year’s nominees are: Aliki Apoussidou, Ina Budde (Design for Circularity), Nadine Goepfert, Christina Gradtke, S. Podreka & K. Radanitsch (Goodgoods), Esther Suárez Ruiz, Philipp Weber, Christoph Weisshaar, Frej Wichmann and Martina Zünd Gygax (Textile Design). Further information:

photo: Marcelo Hernandez