14 June 2013 until 18 May 2014
The Battle for Modern Art
Artists of the Max Sauerlandt era

Under the aegis of its second Director, Max Sauerlandt, the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe rose to become one of the leading galleries for contemporary art in Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s. Sauerlandt saw it as being one of the central tasks of a museum director to act as a patron of the arts, motivating artists to further creative activity by buying their works and holding exhibitions. During his tenure between 1919 and 1933, he purchased some 300 contemporary works of art for the Museum. Sauerlandt was one of the most important sponsors of modern art in Hamburg.  The new presentation of the Hamburger Sparkasse Collection is devoted to those artists with whom Sauerlandt had the most intensive contacts. These include Richard Haizmann, Rolf Nesch und Karl Ballmer, among others. The exhibition of the Hamburger Sparkasse Collection is complemented by works by these artists from the MKG’s own inventory, which are on show in the newly designed gallery “Hamburger Moderne”.

Fig.: Rolf Nesch (1893-1975), „Elbe Bridge“ I (from the cycle „Bridges of Hamburg“), Hamburg, 1932, metal print on paper, permanent loan of the collection of Hamburger Sparkasse, photo: Fotostudio Grünke, Hamburg