17 December 2013 until 30 March 2014
Surprise as a Concept
Posters of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Exhibition posters: generally speaking they are an illustration of the best exhibit with added written information on place and time. Their attractive reproductions of art works make them a coveted decoration for flats. The posters of the Museum für Gestaltung in Zürich are different. The renowned design museum is holding one of the most excellent collections of posters in the world – and sophisticated posters are a particular focus. For decades it has commissioned the posters for its exhibitions from individual designers, instead of advertising agencies, who would have considered the poster as part of the general image. The designers have no guidelines when it comes to their design: no logo, no typeface, no motif is given. This is why each and every poster for the museum is different. Some of the designers test the limits of intelligibility, others enlarge details, and others work with the text to catch the eye. The poster no longer serves a purpose, it celebrates itself – it becomes an artwork in its own right. And incidentally this exhibition with approximately 80 posters from the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich is showcasing Swiss graphic design talent. Among the designers are such excellent poster artists as Ralph Schraivogel, Cornel Windlin and Martin Woodtli. Another particularity is the excellent printing quality of the works, as well as the portly format of 1,30 meters height – the so-called Swiss international format. A large number of the posters on view will pass into the collection of the MKG.

Fig.: 3D-Printing Three-dimensional Objects, Martin Woodtli, screen-print, 2013, 128 x 90.5 cm | Cornel Windlin, The Grade of School, 1996, both Museum für Gestaltung Zürich