28 November until 7 December 2014
MKG Arts and Crafts Fair 2014

The MKG Arts and Crafts Fair sees itself as a forum for the highest quality in the design and execution of art and craft as well as an experimental testing ground for up-and-coming young artists. Two prizes are awarded, as a sort of hallmark of quality: these are the Justus Brinckmann Award, with a cash value of 7,500 euros, and the Justus Brinckmann Förderpreis (sponsorship award), with 2,500 euros. The decision since 2012 to open up the MKG Arts and Crafts Fair to exhibitors from all German-speaking countries has led to a constantly growing number of high-quality applications. This development helps to further hone the profile of the MKG Fair between continuity and innovation. With its selection of the highest quality exhibits, it offers visitors a rich spectrum of good design. This also provides a platform for one of the MKG’s most important objectives: to sharpen awareness for good taste. The MKG Fair also receives new impulses from the sponsorship award. Here, the jury of the Fair lay their finger on the pulse of international trends and nominate promising candidates for a shortlist. The work presented in this context as well as the last two prizewinners show once again that the borders between artistic craftwork, design and free object compositions have long since begun to dissolve. In parallel with the sponsorship prize, the art college platform has established itself as the third major pillar of the MKG Fair. Art colleges are a yardstick for the future, and for new design ideas and technical experiments. This year, the Design, Media and Information Faculty of the HAW Hamburg and the Design and Crafts Faculty of the State University Seoul, Korea have submitted applications. The focus of their presentations is on the materials felt and porcelain. In cooperation with Eucrea Deutschland e.V., the prizewinners of this year’s Unic Award will also exhibit their work for the first time at the MKG Fair.

Photo: Marcelo Hernandez