30 November 2013 until 26 January 2014
German Federal Ecodesign Award

In an era with increasing ecological problems of the throwaway society, designers have a greater responsibility than ever before. Up to 80 percent of a product’s impact on the environment can be determined at the point of its conception. The Ministry of the Environment and the Federal Environment Agency have therefore cooperated with the Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin e. V. (IDZ) to offer the Federal Ecodesign Award. The purpose of this competition is to showcase and support the innovative and creative potential of making products sustainably. The criteria include the successful combination of a sophisticated design, aesthetic and the protection of the environment. The touring exhibition of the winners of 2012 closes at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg. The Federal Ecodesign Award dovetails with the discourse on sustainability that museums have to face, too. Highlighting the complex effects of design in today’s world is one of the MKG’s main goals. Dr. Thomas Holzmann, Vicepresident of the Federal Environment Agency, will be speaking at the opening.

Fig.: © 2013 Pfandring by Paul Ketz, Photo: Matthias Ketz