29 November until 8 December 2013
MKG Arts and Crafts Fair 2013

The debate currently going on about values in relation to ecology and the new luxury, the unique article and mass produced goods, how goods are produced and working conditions, gives the arts and crafts fairs greater topical relevance than ever.  Balanced between the poles of tradition and innovation, they are a central forum for the discussion in the light of cultural knowledge about the techniques of craftsmanship, the properties of materials and sustainable use of them.  The oldest such fair in Germany, the MKG’s Arts and Crafts Fair, takes up the challenge of current developments each year anew: this year, the 10-person jury of experts chose 67 participants from the work submitted. The list of participants can be viewed on The MKG Fair is complemented by a presentation comprising the most recent work by the 10 candidates for the sponsorship award. The candidates are proposed separately by the Fair’s Jury. These predominantly new departures focus on new fusions between artistic craftwork and design. Two prizes are awarded as part of the MKG Fair: the Justus Brinckmann Prize worth 7,500 euros and the sponsorship award, which brings its winner 2,500 euros. The official award ceremony for both prizewinners will take place this year for the first time at the opening of the MKG Fair.

Abb.: Christiane Wilhelm, F-Deckelgefäße, photo: Matteo Manduzio | Svenja Keune, Wandobjekt, Lomelia, photo: Svenja Keune | Hana Hipp, Curling Betontürstopper, photo: Hana Hipp | Stefan Fink, Füllfederhalte aus Grenadill, photo: Othmar Berndt