Anaïs Borie

Residence Fund for Young Design

Period of time
9.5.21 – 4.7.21
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Anaïs Borie (b. 1991) is presenting her final project after a six-month residency at the MK&G. In "The Intimacy of a Cyber-Opera Singer", she invites visitors to immerse themselves by means of sound, light, scents and song in conjunction with works from the MK&G collection in a multidimensional sensory experience of the possibilities and limits of human existence between reality and fiction. The French designer is the first artist-in-residence to be sponsored by the Fund for Young Design, which was launched by the Stiftung Hamburger Kunstsammlungen (SHK) in 2020. The programme invites young international designers to develop a work based on their study of the MK&G collection. MK&G is thus reactivating one of its central founding principles: to be a model collection of outstanding design as a source of inspiration for designers.

In a performance, the opera singer Sara Gouzy engages in a dialogue with the exhibits, singing arias and overtures by the French composer Jean-Philippe Rameau (eighteenth century). Rameau’s harmonies, which were novel in his day, are emblematic of Anaïs Borie’s aspiration to appeal to multiple senses with her combination of craftsmanship and technical innovations.