Creating Natural Chemistry Chemigrams

Period of time
15.10.22, 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm
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Online & free of charge

With „The Sustainable Darkroom“ / Hannah Fletcher
Moderation: Josephine Quaas

London-based artist Hannah Fletcher is the founder of "The Sustainable Darkroom" project, in which she and other artists work with alternative processes of photography and build a research network on sustainable photographic techniques. We will make "chemigrams" from natural materials and photographic paper; abstract, analog "drawings by light."

No photographic training or darkroom is required to participate in the workshop. However, the following materials should be at hand in order to be able to participate right away:

- Photo paper for analogue black and white prints
- 20 g salt
- 5 g vitamin C (available in drugstores)
- Washing soda (available in drugstores)
- 20 to 40 g of picked plants or herbs such as thyme, mint, rosemary, wild onions, bay leaves
- Materials to seal the paper such as honey, cooking oil, Vaseline, clay, flour, wax, paper tape, thread
- Cooking pot and cooker top or plastic bowl and microwave oven
- Large plastic mixing bowl and spoon
- 2 developer bowls or large, flat plastic boxes
- Scales and measuring jug
- Sieve or muslin cloth
- Tools for applying liquids such as sponge, pipette or spatula

An event in conjunction with the exhibitionMining Photgraphy. Der ökologische Fußabdruck der Bildproduktion“.