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Poster for the Play "A Trip to China Town"

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Beggarstaffs (William Nicholson and James Pryde, artist group active from 1894 to 1898) 1895LondonColour lithograph 294,5 x 223,5 cm

In 1894, William Nicholson (1872-1949) and James Pryde (1869-1941) began to work together under the pseudonym “Beggarstaffs”. It was their hope to succeed as poster artists. During the subsequent years, the two painters and graphic designers hardly designed more than ten posters, only seven of which were actually printed. Yet, it was their reduced pictorial language that made them pioneers of the modern poster. In regard to the “Chinaman“-poster, which they sent to the MKG in 1895, they explained that the “horrible font” and the brown border was not of their choosing, rather the printer had added both elements without prior consultation.