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Poster for the Batavier Shipping Company

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Bart van der Leck (1876-1958)1914RotterdamColour lithograph 74 x 110 cm

The Dutch artist, Bart van der Leck, who was born in Utrecht, had started his career as an Impressionist artist before cofounding the Dutch populous with the avant-garde movement De Stijl. Van der Leck founded De Stijl with Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) and Theo van Doesburg  (1883-1931) in 1917. Much later, he worked as a designer specialising in interior design.

This poster is one of his first commissions. However, it was never printed in a large edition, because World War I and the interruption of the European continental system thwarted the actual inception of the new shipping line this poster announces. The angular figures depicted in this poster designed in 1914 are forrunners of the constructed style of De Stijl.