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wounded by policemen after the execution of the South African anti-apartheid activist Salomon Mahlangu in Pretoria

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Peter Magubane (*1932)1979silver gelatine22,5 x 32,7 cm

Peter Magubane shows what it means to grow up under the apartheid regime. In 1979 he published his photos in National Geographic. He was repeatedly arrested and officially prohibited from carrying out his profession. In his photos he depicts life in the South African townships. In contrast to many other photo journalists who helped to illustrate the view of South Africa during his times, Magubane is a reporter who comes from the people who really live there. This is apparent in the different situation of the producer of the images and the partial shift in perceptions. Since the 1980s, the conflicts in our world have also been shown by native-born photographers, above and beyond the perspective of European and North American observers.