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Graphic with Crockery

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Hansi Müller-Schorp (*1927): Graphic with Crockery1974silver gelatine

Hansi Müller Schorp worked in advertising. For many years, she produced photographs of porcelain for the Arzberg company together with her colleague Willi Moegle. With her skill as a photographer of objects, she almost “builds up” her photographic images. In this work she produced as a “free” artist, she alienates the pile of crockery, turning it into a composition of contrasting black and white elements. The shadows cast by the handles of the piled-up cups create an abstract play of light and shadow, negative and positive, across the surface of the photo. The simple object is transformed into a photographic quasi-drawn image. This gives an insight into the deeper meaning of the German term for a photographer – “Lichtbildner” – a sculptor working with light.