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Wilstermarsch Room

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1744Klein-Wisch located between Wilster and St. Margarethen Living room from the farm house of Joachim Krey once located in Klein-Wisch

This “Wilstermarsch” room was taken from a farmhouse built in a style typical of the marshes near the Elbe river north of Hamburg. The decorative furniture from 1744 displays the wealth and the self-confidence of the farmers who once lived there. They were farmers who traded with merchants from Hamburg and the Netherlands. The oak boiserie has raised mouldings and is enhanced with elevated centres. The door that leads to a sleeping alcove is adorned with pilasters on both sides. True to Rococo style, they are embellished with Chinese ornamentation. The other pillars in the room have been carved with elements referring to the four seasons. The boiserie is complemented with Dutch tiles featuring biblical and allegorical motifs.