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Small Rooms from Emil Possehl’s Summer House in Travemünde

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Designed by: Henry van de Velde (1863-1957), Produced by: Fa. H. Scheidemantel, Weimar 1903/04WeimarVarnished sycamore and tarnished Elmwood with brass fittings 322 x 333 x 232 cm, or 325 x 475 x 255 cm

With the recommendation of the lawyer Ernst Wittern (1867-1950) from Lübeck, Henry van de Velde was commissioned to design the interior of a mansion belonging to a Senator from Lübeck, Emil Possehl (1850-1919), in Travemünde in 1905. These two small rooms were originally located on either side of the main staircase and were salvaged during a refurbishment in 1965. Van de Velde was given the improve  an unsatisfactory passage designed by another architect. His solution was an ornamental structure – pilaster-like corner elements and horizontal crown mouldings carved from sycamore – in the smaller room. He gave the larger room a unified appearance by panelling it from floor to ceiling, into which he integrated three doors and a display case.