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Painted by: Carl Julius Milde (1803-1875) 1834/36LübeckRoom from the house of the merchant family of Christian Adolf Nölting (1794-1856) located at Johannisstraße 20 in Lübeck

Originally, this room was a part of a medieval brick building. Christian Adolf Nölting, a merchant from Lübeck, funded the refurbishment of the building between 1834 and 1836. The building was considered an important example of the culture of late Classical life. The painter Carl Julius Milde was commissioned to decorat the rooms of this particular house in the Pompeian style that was fashionable at the time. For inspiration, he looked to the painted murals of the ruins belonging to the Villa Negroni, which had been discovered during an archeological dig in Rome in 1777. Images of these murals were distributed in the form of coloured engravings throughout Europe. Raphael’s (1438-1520) frescos at the Vatican also served as inspiration for Milde. The High-Renaissance artist had used the wall décor of the Domus Aurea as inspiration, himself. When the house was demolished in 1903, the room was then transferred to the MKG and, thus, preserved for posterity.