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Louis Seize Room

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ca. 1775HamburgLouis Seize style room with boiserie (Bordeaux) once installed in of the house at Katharinenstraße 17

Originally, this decorative Louis Seize style boiserie, imported from France, adorned the piano nobile of the merchant and alderman Nicolaus Gottlieb Lütkens’ (1716-1788) house at Katharinenstraße 17 in Hamburg. The spirit of enlightenment is clearly displayed: The formal language that was initially associated with the absolutist ideals of the reign of King Louis XVI has been transferred to into an article used by the upper class of the 1750’s. At a youthful 17 years of age, the musician Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) performed his second public concert in this room, which was intermittently used as a concert hall by the Hamburg pianoforte manufacturer Schröder.