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Furnished Bay Window

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A. Damon et Colinca. 1899ParisCarved oak panelling with, inlaid with glass and lead396,5 x 377 x 159 cm

This bay window constructed by the French firm Damon et Colin is a prominent example of the competition, fuelled by the world expositions. Internationally, cabinetmakers were spurred to outperform their competitors. This interior was acquired for the MKG at the Paris world exposition in 1900. It encapsulates the essence of Art Nouveau interior design in its most progressive form. Adhering to the Art Nouveau ideal of a masterpiece, this bow window posesses a linear floral decoration that unifies the furniture, panelling, glass windows and wallpapers into a flowing interior ensemble. The light elegance is in clear contrast to the heavy and ornate interiors of Historicism, against which the movement of Art Nouveau fought against.