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Taskin Cembalo

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Pascal Taskin (1723-1793)1787ParisDiv. wood, bone, gold and silver pigment, gouache and oil paint, metal, string, leather and feltCase: 226,2 x 96,4 x 14 cm

The cembalos made by Pascal Taskin represent the epitome of the French craft of cembalo making in the second half of the 18th century. This double cembalo is crafted in imitation of an altered old Dutch instrument from the famous Flemish workshop of the Ruckers family. Their cembalos were particularly valuable. A Dutch scene in the style of the 17th century is depicted in the inside of the case lid, and is one of the details to prove Dutch provenance. On the other hand, the fine chinoiserie, painted in gold and silver pigment on the exterior of the cembalo, is very much the style of the time this instrument was made.