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Petrus Helmer1614FüssenDiv. wood, wooden pins, scrap paper, iron eyelets and linen ribbon 80 x 33,5 x 16,4 cm

This lute is a traditional example of the classical lute form typically crafted by the famous instrument artisans from Füssen, Germany. The pear-shaped rounded belly of this lute has been assembled from 35 wood chips. They are separated by fine black and white decorative ribbons. The lute maker Petrus Hellmer was most likely related to the famous Füssener lute makers Magnus Hellmer I and II. Füssen was one of the preeminent centres of lute making at the time, as it is situated on the old Roman road Via Claudia Augusta, a long-distance trade road connecting Italy with Northern Europe. In 1562, the lute makers of Füssen founded the first lute maker’s guild in Europe.